Filmfestival Premio Lessinia

Filmfestival Premio Lessinia: twelfth edition

The Film Festival Premio Lessinia is the most important italian showcase of movies about “life, history and traditions in the mountains”. This is a unique Festival compared to the many others in this field, because it gives high importance to the human being life on the mountains and to the natural, historical and artistic aspects of the "high lands". For the regulations, videos about mountain climbing, exploration and sports on the mountains are excluded to the Festival. Continue...

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The FilmFestival goes on tour

In Villafranca (Verona) begins the screening of the films that were in competition during the XII Edition of the Filmfestival Premio Lessinia. The first night will be on Thursday, October 20th 2006 at 9 p.m. at the Villafranca Auditorium (near Verona)

See you in 2007!

The Film Festival Premio Lessinia Staff is already working to organize the XIII Edition of this competition, which will take place in Cerro Veronese between August 18th and 26th 2007.
Immagine All the winners of Filmfestival

All the winners of Filmfestival

The Golden Cerro, the Silver Cerro and the other awards of Festival into Winner's page.